Chair Shampooing

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Chair Shampooing

In-homes it happens regularly inevitable coffee spillage, dust accumulation, and regular use of chairs would need deep cleaning regularly. Cleaning saves heavily invested assets and keeps the chair fabric hygiene and in condition.


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We at Klening, having core expertise in different types of chair cleaning.

Frequently asked questions about Chair Shampooing:

It depends on the quantity and condition, takes 5-6 hours for an office.

We use 100% biodegradable cleaners, which are safe for your employees.

Again, it depends on the type of chair and quantity.

The leather chair is dry-vacuumed and followed by applying lotion and buffing.

Do you use the same cleaning agent for all the chair types?


Just a call cleans it all!

We Provide the Highest Quality Deep Cleaning Services for Homes Office Spaces, Pre Handover Offices & Homes, Under Construction Projects. Deliverable within a tight deadline.

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