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Chair Shampooing

In-office it happens regularly inevitable coffee spillage, dust accumulation, and regular use of chairs would need deep cleaning regularly. Cleaning saves heavily invested assets and keeps the chair fabric hygiene and in condition.


Office chair cleaning services in Hyderabad:

Office chairs accumulate most of the food items and dust in the corners and deep tissues. Frequent deep cleaning will keep your upholstery neat and clean, and also it will protect you from bacteria and germs. We are experts in Office Chair Shampooing In Hyderabad and we do with the most expertise Whether you are working from a cubicle or home space, a good number of hours is spent on a chair.

The chair goes through a lot, food and drink spills, continuous usage tear, and wear. You must have noticed that over some time, the wheels show a restricted movement. It is an alarm to give your chair maintenance.

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Frequently asked questions about Chair Shampooing:

 It depends on the quantity and condition, takes 5-6 hours for an office.

We use 100% biodegradable cleaners, which are safe for your employees.

Again, it depends on the type of chair and quantity.

The leather chair is dry-vacuumed and followed by applying lotion and buffing.

 First, we access the fabric type and accordingly use the cleaning agent. We at Klening, having core expertise in different types of chair cleaning. 


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