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Home Sanitizing

Sanitization has been a prime norm since the covid-19 spread. It is mandatorily required to keep your space hygiene to keep the virus, bacteria at bay. Choosing the correct eco-friendly chemical and the procedure will eradicate the virus and keep your home safe from toxicity and damages.

When It’s required

  • Covid-19 positive case
  • Post quarantine
  • Safety measure
  • Move-In/Out
  • Special Occasions
  • Festivals
  • Renovation
  • Post-Construction



Kleaning has more than 4000 service experience and has deep knowledge to provide you the best sanitization services across Hyderabad.

Frequently asked questions about Home Sanitizing:

It kills a broad range of viruses like coronavirus.

It depends on the area size, for 1000 square feet 30 minutes maximum.

We use eco-friendly chemicals.

We use the best products which don't leave any marks.

No need to vacate the place as products are toxic-free.


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