Professional Cleaning Service

Office Deep Cleaning

The office is our second home where we spend most of the time, working five to six days a
week, almost at an average of 9 hours. Maintaining aesthetic upkeep of premises will not only enhance one’s experience, but it will also add to the office’s reputation.

When It’s required

Moving to a new office, Special Occasions, Festivals, Renovation, Post
Construction, Client Visit, Top Management Visit, Regular Maintenance.


Advantages of hiring a deep cleaning professional service company:

  1. Housekeeping is a cost-oriented factor to maintain a housekeeping team in-house, whereas hiring or outsourcing is always cost-friendly.
  2. The business can always negotiate and get the best work out of a small
  3. Experienced
  4. Time-saving and can work according to business
  5. On-time
  6. Complete work within the given time
  7. Satisfaction

What does a professional deep cleaning company do at the office?

 The service generally incorporates as mentioned below

  • Point-by-point cleaning of light installations, switches, and Ac
  • Floor, carpet, sofa & Chairs cleaned with an industrial-grade
  • Blinds, windowsills, and
  • Washrooms are Cautiously cleaned and
  • Chair, tables, desk, computers, console, keyboard, units
  • Disinfect all surfaces with disinfection
  • Glass

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Features of our Office Deep Cleaning Services:

We at Cleaning Services will take care of all the Cleaning Worries. Believe in Predictability, Transparency, Accountability & Trust. Our Services are customer-friendly and highly customizable as per your requirement.

Frequently asked questions about office deep cleaning:

We use the best Eco-friendly & Biodegradable chemicals in the industry.

● Carpet, upholstery & chairs dry vacuuming.
● Dusting, wiping, and sanitization of tables, computers, Ac vents, electronic fitting &
● Deep cleaning of Reception, washroom, meeting rooms, cabins, Server room,
Playing area, dining area, appliances, and glasses.
● Shampooing of chairs, carpet on a special request.
● Facade cleaning on a special request.

We accept partial payments and do have credit facilities for big corporations.

 We take utmost care of your safety and appoint verified professionals.

 We issue GST bills for all our services.


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