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Office Sanitizing Service

Sanitization is a prime norm since covid-19 spread across the world. Now, everyone is bound to keep their space hygiene to stop the virus and keep the bacteria at bay. Offices are slowly opening and informing their employees to work from the office, so it is required to keep the premises virus-free.

Inclusions in the sanitization services:

Home/ House Sanitizing 

Keeping residential societies safe and secure is one of the challenges in New Normal, Most people do it themselves but few believe in Professional Services, Selecting the right chemicals and handling them with utmost care is very important. Investing in Technology and Heavy Machines would be a Costly affair. Sanitizing Service by a team of experts is always a viable option for complete sanitization. Customized service is required as different surfaces need different attention.

Office Sanitizing

Commercial and residential places are more vulnerable places as large numbers of people walk in and walk out every day. You never know what kind of Bacteria or Viruses someone is carrying as it is highly impossible to track everyone. It is always recommended to give the Sanitizing Service to Professionals. High-risk areas are Elevator, Ralling, Door Knobs, Canteen Tables, Washroom, Chairs, and Tables, etc.

Regular Sanitizing the Workplace will reduce the chances of spread of Covid- Virus, and Bacteria. Commercial places are more likely to be a source of infectious diseases than residential places. Professional disinfecting services can be given the responsibility of sanitizing these places for keeping Warehouse, factories, shops, supermarkets, and residences free from contagious microbes

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Frequently asked questions about Office Sanitizing:

It depends on the area size, for 1000 square feet 30 minutes maximum.

We use eco-friendly chemicals.

We use the best products which don't leave any marks.

No need to vacate the place as products are toxic-free.


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