Professional Cleaning Service


It is better to avoid damages to your costly sofas from bad cleaning experiences. Proper knowledge about the material can save it from wear and tear. Sofas and couches are good places to sit, relax, enjoy and spend your uncountable hours. Sometimes rushing and accidents make them dirty. Know the material of your sofa before getting them cleaned, read the letter type on the tag, cleaning method. Sofa and upholstery accumulate most of the food items and dust in the corners and deep tissues. Frequent cleaning will keep your upholstery neat and clean, and also it will protect you from bacteria and germs.

Is it required to book professional upholstery cleaning services?

 Upholstery cleaning is a professional job that comes with experience, upholstery cleaning company know-how to deal with a different types of stains and fabrics, as mentioned above. Any carelessness and improper cleaning can lead to damage to your valuable furniture.



We at Klening can take care of all the upholstery requirements let it be
leather, cotton, Lenin, velvet.

Frequently asked questions about Upholstery:

Yes, we can clean immovable sofas with our professional tools.

Leather material needs special care to avoid any damage, and we use a
specialty leather cleaning agent.

 It depends on the size and number of pieces, on an average of 2-5 hours.

 Yes, we do have a pick and drop facility for your carpet.

 Allow the sofa to dry before you start using it.


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